Countering Junk Food and Smartphone Addiction

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) MyPlate guidelines and meal planning tools make it easier to create meals that are affordable, nutritious, and easy to prepare. UC Davis Health dietitian Marie Barone explains how you can use this tool and how to cook healthy meals at home.

Start with a free, personalized MyPlate Plan. The MyPlate Plan will provide details about the number of servings to include for each food group and examples of how to meet your goal.

Looking to venture into fashion modeling? These tips from experienced models offer do’s and don’ts on how to become a successful fashion model.

Some of us find ourselves asking these questions as we try to live a healthier lifestyle and plan meals at home:

  • Is this a healthy meal?
  • How do I manage to eat healthy foods on a budget?
  • Is this meat cooked all the way through?
  • What can I cook at home that will be healthy and still taste good?
  • Reports show that more Americans are cooking at home. With the cost of food on the rise and so many mixed messages about healthy eating, it’s easy to feel uncertain about healthy food options.


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