9 Amazing Day Trips From Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a world-class city. But if you need a break from the fast-paced city life, consider one of these day trips from Tokyo to one of seven nearby landmarks. These places near Tokyo range from an easy 30 minutes


Frequently Asked Questions

Your trekking gear and clothes play an important role in making the trekking experience memorable. Furthermore, you should have different items such as Backpack, hiking boots, down jacket, rain (windproof) jacket, camp shoes, socks, trousers, (pants), thermal wear, shirts (t-shirts), gloves, hat, sunglasses, sleeping bag, water bottle and, purifying tablets, trekking poles, gaiters (leg protection), microspikes (mini crampons), toiletries, prescriptions, medical kit, etc. for proper trekking experience.

According to our itinerary, the Everest Gokyo Chola Trek is 18 days long. However, the itinerary of this trek changes according to the routes chosen by a certain company.  But, the average trek is around 15-20 days. 

The Everest Gokyo Chola Trek is an 18-day long trek. Therefore, we don’t recommend you take children below 16 years on this trek.

There is no special fitness required for Everest Gokyo Chola Trek. However, having some experience with trekking is always helpful.  This is a short trek in comparison to other long treks. This trek is only for 18 days. Therefore, even a new trekker can trek here with the advice of an experienced trekker for this trek. And, running and jogging before the trek is always helpful.


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