7 Myths of the Successful Artist, Debunked

The “successful artist” is both an archetype and a misnomer.
Success will look different for almost every artist, although there are certain milestones that many would agree constitute a successful art career. A waiting list of collectors eager to acquire one’s work, the ability to maintain a working studio, choosing projects based on creative potential rather than the need to pay bills—these are a few signposts that point to the pinnacle of success as an artist.

Still, the majority of the population, including artists themselves, are harboring false assumptions about what it takes to “make it” in the art world. Archetypes have been built around creative geniuses throughout history, based in both reality and myth. These myths, however, can be detrimental to artists as they begin to navigate the art market, setting them up for failure by asserting false claims as accepted truths.

Here, we debunk seven of the most egregious myths underlying the “successful artist” narrative.

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