My 5 Best Packing Tips for Any Weekend Trip

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Here are eight tips to improve your days when you work from home.

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Editor’s Note: Looking for creative ways to improve your days when you work from home? This post, originally published in September of 2020, is full of helpful tips that are still just as relevant today.

Work styles are a very personal thing. What works for one person may be an absolute nightmare for the next.

I’ve worked in advertising for a decade now, and if you’d asked me a year ago I would have told you I pretty much had things figured out. I’m a morning person (a five-thirty meeting? No thank you!). My brain can only be in one place at a time (no podcasts for me, please!). And I work best in the office or a coffee shop with lots of people buzzing around.

Then, COVID-19 hit. I was working from home with only my husband. My anxiety skyrocketed, and my regular 6 a.m. alarm slowly crept to 7, and then 8. My productivity tanked. I was back to square one.

I’ve completely transformed everything I ever knew about work. I have been forced to examine my faults, find new routines, and learn ways to cope and grow as a professional.

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