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We fund specialist nurses, Youth Support Coordinators and Multidisciplinary Team Coordinators who are experts in teenage and young adult cancer. They work within the NHS on our 28 Teenage Cancer Trust units, across other hospitals and in the community.

Since 1990, we’ve learned a lot about what it’s like to be a young person with cancer and the unique emotional, physical and practical needs that come with a diagnosis. We have a fantastic team of staff and volunteers who are inspired daily by the amazing young people who are…

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Ways to donate

Make a one-off donation, or set up a monthly donation to support people with cancer.

Start Fundraising

Start Fundraising

Find an event, get inspired by fundraising ideas, or discover ways to smash your target. Start Fundraising. Even a child…

Volunteer for cancer patients

Volunteer for cancer patients

Whether it's minutes or months, hours or days, the time you give really does matter.

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Specialists Unit

30 +

Specialists Unit

Invested in Cancer Services

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Invested in Cancer Services

Funded cancer Trust Nurses

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Funded cancer Trust Nurses

Cancer Research Fund

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Cancer Research Fund

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Donate to a Future Immune to Cancer

Make the biggest impact possible by supporting innovative immunotherapy research for all types of cancers. Together, we can change the way cancer is treated and cured.

Goal: $500000 Raised: $500

Donate For Cancer Survivor & Research

Cancer survival depends on early diagnosis and access to medical treatment which poor cancer patients cannot afford. Donate to patients suffering from cancer so

Goal: $500000 Raised: $5275

Donate to help young people with cancer

Donations can be made to the hospital towards research and for the benefit of poor patients. The Cancer Care Fund & your decision to donate provides financial aid to patients with less income.

Goal: $100000 Raised: $0

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Here you’ll find information and support for young people and families affected by cancer. There’s also advice and resources to help you with things like mental health, nutrition, exercise, staying creative and keeping busy – especially during these difficult times. Cancer can throw young people’s lives into chaos. You can make sure support is there for them, throughout their cancer treatment and beyond. Every day, seven young people aged 13-24 hear the words “you have cancer”. By getting involved in our campaigns, donating your time or money, taking on a charity challenge or supporting us in any way you can, you can help us be there for every one of them.

What People Say


What People Say

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Make a Difference with The Cancer Foundation

13 Aug 2023
11:00 AM Myers St. New Brunswick
Early morning coffee is also known to interfere with your natural morning cortisol production and stress your adrenal glands if…

Relay For Life: Fundraising Event

25 Nov 2022
13:30 PM Greenview Street Yorktown Heights
You'll be able to detect if you're not feeling well. It's possible that you're simply "off." You could notice that…

Walk/Run/Move Challenge

2 Oct 2022
16:00 PM Henry Street Cornelius
Walk, Run, or Move with us during the month of June to support the next great breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy…

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Join Our Team And Donate

To Help Young People With Cancer. Care And Support for every person facing cancer.