While some businesses continue to dispute whether their employees should work remotely or in a hybrid environment, others are adopting a more flexible work-from-anywhere strategy.

This pizza has been my go-to for those busy weeknights when I have some people coming over. It yields a big batch (perfect for feeding a big crowd) and the crust comes out perfectly thick and chewy.

Best of all, you don’t need any special equipment. No pizza peel or pizza stone needed here.

All you need is a 15×10-inch jelly roll. But most importantly, be sure to let your pizza dough come to room temperature. Cold pizza dough will stretch and snap back instantly. By letting the dough come to room temp will allow the dough to loosen and make it easier to shape into a rectangle.

Moving closer to family.

They followed her on to the deck. All the smoke and the houses had disappeared, and the ship was out in a wide space of sea very fresh and clear though pale in the early light. They had left London sitting on its mud. A very thin line of shadow tapered on the horizon, scarcely thick enough to stand the burden of Paris, which nevertheless rested upon it. They were free of roads, free of mankind, and the same exhilaration at their freedom ran through them all.

The ship was making her way steadily through small waves which slapped her and then fizzled like effervescing water, leaving a little border of bubbles and foam on either side. The colourless October sky above was thinly clouded as if by the trail of wood-fire smoke, and the air was wonderfully salt and brisk. Indeed it was too cold to stand still. Mrs. Ambrose drew her arm within her husband’s, and as they moved off it could be seen from the way in which her sloping cheek turned up to his that she had something private to communicate.

Working while traveling

For decades, working parents — and mothers in particular — have been calling for more flexibility to juggle their personal and professional responsibilities. Finally, a global pandemic forced many employers to give it to them. Office workers were sent home en masse to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, along the way testing out their companies’ capacity to maintain operations with a dispersed workforce — and challenging some long-held notions about how productivity is best achieved.

No darkness would ever settle upon those lamps, as no darkness had settled upon them for hundreds of years. It seemed dreadful that the town should blaze for ever in the same spot; dreadful at least to people going away to adventure upon the sea, and beholding it as a circumscribed mound, eternally burnt, eternally scarred. From the deck of the ship the great city appeared a crouched and cowardly figure, a sedentary miser.

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