Plastic Reduction

Reducing the impact of plastics in the marine environments that surround us.

Moving Away From Single-Use Plastics

Plastics are all around us and a part of our everyday lives. Some plastic is beneficial and serves a specialized purpose including its use in vehicles, computers, and many medical applications. However, single-use plastics which are used for a few minutes and then discarded, have created a major pollution problem. Our ocean is filling up with plastic trash – choking fish, birds, turtles, and whales. It is even entering the human food chain in the form of microplastics. Plastic isn’t made to pollute the ocean, but up to 11 million tons of plastic still enter marine waters each year. Much of it starts out on land from overflowing landfills or as litter on our beaches, streets, and sidewalks that are swept into storm drains, creeks, streams, and rivers — all leading to the ocean. 

We must change the current flow of plastic pollution by stopping plastic at the source – advocating for better product alternatives and switching to reusable for our everyday needs. We encourage individuals, industry, and governments to protect our ocean, waves, and beaches by moving away from unnecessary single-use plastics.

Common Plastic Pollution Sources

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